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Michelle - ballgown wedding dress
Price: £ 850.00

Stunning ballgown dress So elegant! Deep V neck with illusion strip across bust and sides. Tulle skirt...

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Who to bring

Buying a wedding dress is a unique experience. What else would you buy where you want the opinions of others!? But asking others what they think can also be confusing and can influence you into buying something that was actually not your first choice. So my advice is to just bring two or three people whose opinion you value the most. More is not always merrier! Having too many opinions can be overwhelming.


Before you arrive for an appointment make sure those that you are bringing with you have a rough idea of what you are looking for, including your budget. Try and have a vision., Often brides already know that they don’t want a full skirt or they don’t want a fishtail and if they haven’t shared their vision with their entourage they can be cajoled into something that is not really ‘them’. Let’s face it, a perfect size 10 will look good in anything, but a particular dress may not be reflection of the bride’s own personality and style. If you haven’t shared your views, then a consensus of ‘this is the one’ from your party may be a long time coming!


Set a budget

It is a very good idea to set a budget for the wedding dress as prices can vary from £100 to £3000 or even more! Consumer analysts state that the average amount spent on a dress is about £1100. This means that ALL dresses at Fairytales are below the national average price! If you need to keep within a budget, do be strict with yourself, otherwise you could try on the perfect dress and then find that it is hundreds of pounds outside your price range. If you are on a limited budget, you will find beautiful dresses at the lower end of the price bracket, so just keep on looking.

And do you hire or buy? There are a limited number of retailers who now offer a hire service but it is worth seeking out this option if you really want to be practical about your expenditure, as a hire price is likely to be around two thirds of the retail price. For example, a £600 dress could possibly be hired for £350 - £400.