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Which style to choose from the collection?

Morning coat - frock coat - tuxedo - Prince Edward - dinner suit - what do they all mean?
This page gives a flavour of the collection and the various styles. To see all the various fabric choices do please call for an appointment.

Morning suits

Daytime formal wear is referred to as a "morning suit." Although it was originally designed for daytime wear, it now is acceptable for evening weddings as well. The morning coat gives the men in your party a turn-of-the-century appearance and is a popular choice. The most traditional style comprises either a black or grey coat with matching black striped or grey trousers and a pearl grey or light grey waistcoat. The most popular style of the moment is the Prince Edward style, a longer jacket without tails.

Morning tail grey small Frock coat navy small Prince Edward brown small Prince Edward cream small


    Tail Coat - 'Cut-away' or 'stroller'?

A morning suit with tails. This is a 3/4 length jacket with tails and a "cutaway" front. (This is different to an evening style tail coat). It originates from the 19th century. Starting life as a riding jacket, the cut-away front eges kept the coat out of the way of the rider's knees whilst the two buttons at the back enabled him to fastern the tails out of the way when on horseback.








 Prince Edward:

This is the modern take on a morning suit - three quarter length jacket without tails 


  Frock Coat:

This was first introduced in the early 1800s. It combines tails with straight front edges - the front and back being of equal length. A frock coat is knee length. 




Evening wear

A tuxedo is a general name often used to refer to all men's evening wear. It is specifically a standard length jacket, single or double breasted with satin lapels. It is suitable for almost all formal occasions, including weddings, prom and tux required events.

It is often referred to a 'dinner jacket' or 'DJ' and can have either a notched lapel or shawl collar.

  • Lapel: On a coat, the turned back material that falls around the front of the coat
  • Notch Lapel: On a coat, a notch is cut out between the collar and the lapel.
  • Peak Lapel: On a coat, the top of the lapel is pointed sharply upward and outward.
  • Shawl collar: A lapel which turns back in one sweep with no notches
Waistcoats and accessories

There are 50 waistcoat designs to choose from. You can also hire top hats, shirts, shoes, cravats and lots more.


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